What is the Responsible Party?

Responsible Party was born in 2009 out of the idea that all events can be better if enjoyed responsibly, and becomes the first pan-European program to address disproportionate alcohol consumption in youth.

Currently, the program is implemented in 32 countries and reaches more than 450,000 students.

In short, Responsible Party is dedicated to promoting a balanced lifestyle and encouraging youth to decide for themselves.

Responsible Party Goals

The project has two main objectives:

  • Increase youth awareness of the risks of excessive alcohol consumption
  • Reduce risk at alcohol related student events 

How does it work?

  • Responsible Party can be applied at any party. It is not the theme, but "the label" that provides a safer and more responsible environment for the students. It is an unbranded program.
  • ESN volunteers act as ambassadors for the program, which, through the distribution of information and responsible material (brochures, devices, condoms, water, etc.), inform international students about how to make correct decisions and enjoy alcoholic beverages. responsibly They ensure that there are no problems at any event!
  • Responsible Party encourages partygoers and their ambassadors to actively create memorable events. Working among equals, without cutting ties, but being friendly and making that moment unforgettable. Creating good times where people with different ways of being meet and promoting the start of international friendships that will last a long time - that's what we are here for.

And it worked!

Responsible Party has been scientifically evaluated independently by the French Foundation for Research on Alcohology (FRA) between 2015 and 2017. 

The students gave their assessment through an online survey, based on questionnaires validated by institutions considered leaders in the scientific community, such as AUDIT, WHO, etc.

The questionnaire was carried out at the beginning and at the end of the student's exchange period and aimed to observe the pattern of alcohol consumed and to measure the effect of their exposure to the Responsible Party program. 

Some of the results were:

88.8% of the people surveyed considered it useful 

61.4% of the surveyed people confirmed a change in their alcohol consumption habits

74.5% of the surveyed people considered that the distribution of water and drinking messages moderately was clear and useful

Final evaluation report


Responsible Party is online!

During these tough times we are living in the spring of 2020, we have decided to launch the #SharingGoobVibes movement on Facebook and Instagram.

Follow Responsible Party on Instagram and Facebook and join in to share some good vibes!

We have a dream: parties without abuse - just good memories.

Today we advocate polishing our skills, in order to make these moments unforgettable.