ESN UAB Barcelona is an association that believes in Gender Equality, and that is why we are committed to the application of this approach in our internal daily life, our activities and our society. In order to make it happen, we:

  • Work to make our activities free of gender stereotypes. 
  • Follow our own Gender Violence Protocol as a guide to detect, identify and tackle this issue, whenever necessary. 
  • Have an Equality Working Group, responsible of implementing the actions taken into account in the Protocol, as well as gaining knowledge about the issue and raising awareness in our section.
  • Collaborate frequently with the Observatory for Gender Equality at our University in the awareness of the university community.

All in all, we work for the implementation of gender perspective in ESN UAB Barcelona. 

  • If you ever suffer from gender violence of any kind, you’re not alone! We can help you out and give assistance. If you know about another case, let us know and we’ll try to find a solution, always preserving the anonymity of everyone. 
  • Do you want to suggest any initiative for raising awareness against gender violence?

Contact us: [email protected] 

Here you have some web pages you may find interesting!

LGTBIQ+ centre of Barcelona:

Telephone number against sexist violence, 24 hour service: 900 900 120