The Tandem or “language exchange” consists in a different way to practice languages in a more casual and funny way. It is an activity in which you can meet local and international students from all the universities in Barcelona!

We will meet at the Generator Hostel and while we have something to drink or eat, we will talk for a while in our mother tongue and later we will talk in the language that you want to learn and practice with the buddy that masters it.

• How does it work?

We make several groups of people depending on the amount of people and the languages to practice, and in each group we'll speak one language first and then will change.

• How long is our language exchange?

The Tandem will last approximately for 2h.

• Where?

Generator Hostel, C/Córcega 376
We can also drink/eat something with special prizes:
€ 2.00 Nachos with cheddar and pico de gallo
€ 2.00 Hot Dog with fried onions and sauce
€ 2.00 Russian salad with breadsticks
€ 1.00 Soft drinks or water
€ 1.00 Chips 
10% discount with your ESNcard 

We encourage you to come over!!